Saturday, December 16, 2017

SCRM Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I successfully defended my PhD last September and my revisions have been accepted by my committee members but I do not yet have my diploma. Am I eligible to apply to SCRM?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for any of the courses in the SCRM program.

I am a PhD candidate and have formally scheduled the defense of my dissertation for April. I will have my PhD by May. Am I eligible to apply to a SCRM course now?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for any of the courses in the SCRM program.

Is there a cost to attend SCRM courses?  What expenses are not covered for SCRM courses?

For the  SCRM, costs of tuition, housing, and meals are covered by grants from NSF. The courses in the SCRM program use software that is either free or available free for evaluation. The cost of transportation to the site is the responsibility of participants and participants bring their own laptops.

I am a PhD student or professor outside the United States. Am I eligible for the SCRM program?

Courses in the SCRM program are open to those who have the Ph.D. in anthropology and are either: 1) U.S. citizens working anywhere in the world; or 2) from any country if they are working in the United States.

You may consider the distance courses on research methods in cultural anthropology, which are open to anyone in the world, including upper division undergraduates in anthropology, graduate students, and faculty, as well as to colleagues working in goverment agencies, in NGOs, and in industry. The courses are tuition based and can be taken with or without university credit.